Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Going On? (part 2)

Another part of the Wisconsin trip was spent with my Brett and Marina.  We spent a day in Shawano, fishing, doing "art projects" and making and eating s'mores.  We had a great time despite the mosquitoes.  The kids were pulling fish out of the lake one after another.  We made flag books together and played games.  Brett teased us about the number of brownies left and became known as "the brownie liar". 

The day after the wedding, the family returned to the cottage for the gift opening and a day of water fun.  I took a ride on a jet ski (my first!) with the bride and went water skiing for the first time in about 30 years!  I did well - despite the comments from all my younger (which they remind me of OFTEN) brothers.  I think I surprised them - no fancy stuff, but I wasn't even sore the next day!

We ended the trip with our traditional visit to Beerntsen's for ice cream Sundaes.  A good time was had by all - especially me!

PS - there are no pictures of me water skiing since my husband/photographer was busy taking a picture of a snake eating a frog!

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