Monday, May 23, 2011


I am finally feeling settled enough to take time from organizing and recombobulating to start  disorganizing and discombobulating again.  I always feel that I need to put away and start fresh when  a new project springs from wherever they spring from.  I've been making some soldered and glass tile pendants, and working on an online art journaling class with Pam Carriker.  Tonight I just took some time to do some art for me and it felt good.  Soon we will leave our fairly well organized and decorated new home to head for the mountains.  The weather is warming up here and the cool crisp air of the mountains is calling my name.  I'll be busy working at the Red Rock Lavender Festival, getting stuff ready for The Quilted Wings Boutique in October and hopefully teaching some classes at Embellish too.  In between, I'll go hiking and bike riding, hit some antique and second hand stores, eat pie in Alpine and relax on the deck with coffee and a book.  That does sound nice.  I am so lucky. 
Here are some photographs of some of my recent projects, a bobcat that walked through our backyard and the beautiful Palo Verde tree blooming