Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Stuff

Lately I've been busy with many projects, company and everyday life. We have been trying to get to the mountains, but there have just been too many snowstorms to get into the cabin. I had made a few things to sell at Embellish for Valentine's Day and since it was looking like it was going to be awhile before we got there, I put it all in a box and mailed it. Some friends and I have also scheduled a few what we call "Sew Days". On the first day we all made our own quilted purses, and on the second day, everyone worked on their own projects. It's been good to schedule these things so at least we set aside some time for it and we've scheduled some for February as well. Everyone's purses turned out well and there is a picture of us all modeling them with this post. I am really looking forward to Art & Soul in LasVegas and am starting to get my supplies and photographs ready for the classes that I am taking. I sent a list to my BFF Carlanda of all the things I thought we needed and she was disappointed that I hadn't included beer! After that I added beer, martinis, and chocolate to the list.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Time Flies!

What have I been up to? Well, the last month has been very, very busy. I don't know where the time went. Of course the holidays were busy and enjoyable. I did finish 2 quilts that a good friend machine quilted for me. The major accomplishment here is that I started one of them at least 8 years ago!! The other one was started about 3 years ago. I also crocheted a green shawl that is very warm and cozy. So I guess I have been accomplishing something - just no blogging about it.

Now, I'm working on some projects of my own. I made two quilted purses this week and have been doing some collage and possibly some vintage fabric hearts for Valentine's Day. We'll see if these get done.

I have made some art goals for myself this year. Here they are:

*Get published somewhere

*Complete more projects (that is as in FINISH)

*Complete a Photoshop/Collage Project

*Monthly art exchange with my friend Judy

*Post more art to my blog and facebook

Now that shouldn't be too hard. Should it?

Here are some pictures to prove that I have been doing something.