Thursday, October 22, 2009

It all started when.... OR What does Creativity Look Like?

I couldn't decide which title would be the best for this blog entry so I used them both. It all started when I couldn't find my favorite white handled scissors. After dinner, I came back into my studio to putter as I call it and couldn't find my scissors. So... I looked everywhere, underneath piles of stuff, on the floor, even in other rooms of the house including the hall bath room which has been renamed the "studio annex". I'll tell you about that later. Anyway, during my search it occurred to me that this is what my studio looks like when I am being most productive. Then I decided that would make a great blog entry so I decided to take some pictures. Nothing is ever easy is it? I realized after I had taken the pictures that I still had the 1500 pictures from China and Tibet on the camera and I should probably erase those before I tried to download 5 more to post here. Now, of course I can easily remember how to delete a picture or two, but 1500? - time to get out the camera instructions. OK, pictures deleted, new pictures taken of the studio (oops I should have gotten one of the annex!), the discovery of my scissors right next to the glue gun. (When you see the pictures, you'll understand why I couldn't find it), pictures downloaded to computer, and here I am writing this blog. So you see, it all started when. . . and what creativity looks like are perfect titles!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Well that time went by very quickly! We are back home after a wonderful trip to China & Tibet and I plan today, to have everything put away in my studio so that I can start doing something other than, cleaning, sorting pictures etc, and catching up on life. I still have to finish uploading our pictures to Shutterlfy. When that's done, I'll let everyone know. Our trip was wonderful and so enlightening that I can't possibly sum it up in a word, a paragraph, or even a blog post.
I did take a few minutes to do a journal page one day while we were at the cabin. I saw the saying on something and it really struck me so here it is. More to follow and soon I hope - it's time to start doing Christmas isn't it?