Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Closing out 2010

Dear 2010,

You have flown by!  I don't know why, but it seems like just yesterday we were looking forward to you as the new year. 

This year has not only been busy, but full of lots of changes.  Early in the year, I took several workshops at Art and Soul in LasVegas.  I was exhausted after four days of classes, but inspired to make lots of art.  I didn't have near as much time as I had ideas, but did follow through on lots of them, and the list is still there somewhere in my head.

During the month of May we made a wonderful trip to Italy and Greece with our good friends Rick and Cindi.  We were treated to wonderful and unforgettable food, scenery, and experiences   The trip was fabulous and definitely something I would love to do again!

2010, you also brought some great sadness.  My dear friend Peggy Ziebell lost her battle with breast cancer in July.  She was a dear, brave friend and I miss her everyday.

I taught some soldering classes at Embellish and found that I really enjoyed that.  People were really appreciative and it was fun to see them get excited about learning something new.   Working at the Lavender Festival in late June and July was great fun as well. 

After spending a lovely fall at the cabin, I made a trip back to Wisconsin and really lucked out when it came to the fall colors.  I just happened to be there over the "peak" weekend and could not get over the beautiful colors, nor taking pictures of them!  Thank you 2010 for scheduling things that way for me. 

We returned from the cabin in early November and decided to make some "major" changes in our life.   We decided to look at moving to an active adult community called Saddlebrooke.  After looking at the possibility, and finding a house that we liked, we made an offer, bought the house, and put our house on the market.  This all happened in a 3 week period, during which we had company twice, I made a trip to LasVegas and we made a trip to the mountains! 

Needless to say, Christmas really snuck up on us this year.  Because the house was on the market, we didn't do a lot of decorating and that was sort of disappointing.  It's a little hard to get in the Christmas spirit when you are constantly wiping down counter tops, washing mirrors and windows and sweeping the floors.  I think this is the cleanest my house has been for an extended period of time EVER!  I did have a little aluminum tree in my studio and the early morning sun reflected light all over the walls like a disco ball. 

Now as you come to a close, 2010, I look forward to the 2011 and the changes it will bring, but will also look back with fondness, happiness and some sadness on this past year. 

Thank you and farewell.  

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Catching My Breath

Sunflowers - Summer 2010
I honestly don't know how other bloggers can post EVERY DAY! (or even every week!)  Am I too busy, too disorganized, or just plain lazy?  OK, I'll stop beating myself up and get going.

It has been a very busy second half of 2010!  The sunflowers in the mountains were so phenomenal this year I couldn't stop taking pictures!  I have been to Wisconsin to visit family and friends.  We have had visits from Leslie - Stan's sister, JoAnn and Curt - Stan's cousin, Rich- his brother and Kayla and Richie - his niece and nephew.  I've also been to Boulder City to do an arts and crafts show and made several wonderful trips to the mountains.  I taught several classes at Embellish and made 4 large glass vase snowmen for the North Pole Experience in Greer.

To top off all of that, we bought a new house!  We have been talking for some time about eventually moving to Saddle Brooke - an active adult community north of Tucson and decided it was time to see if it was possible.  Well, in that process, we found a house we really liked, and our offer was accepted.  We decided it was "now or never.  So. . . now our house is on the market and we "decluttered" (which really means - get rid of half of all your stuff!) over Thanksgiving weekend.  Now we live in our "decluttered" home with everything neat, tidy, shiny and labeled with little cards that say "granite counter tops, custom lighting, etc. . ." 

Mark, Chris, Brett, Marina & Sadie

Great Blue Heron

I've posted some pictures of the sunflowers, the beautiful fall colors both in Wisconsin and the White Mountains, my visit with the kids, the snowmen and "Doodlebug" Arts and Crafts show in Boulder City. 

Modeling our "monkey" pajamas

Wax/Tissue Paper/Dried Wild Flower Collage

Terry Flat Loop, Alpine AZ

Oh, one more thing that has kept me busy - Unraveling the 439 chains and pendants that I helped Carlanda take apart and reprice!

Doodlebug Boutique December 2010