Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's Going on? (Part 3)

Finally, I have been taking an online class (Journal 365) with Pam Carriker and I was also able to make it to her class at Art Unraveled!  It's been hard being gone so much (and we are leaving again in the morning!) after learning all these new and exciting techniques.  I come away so inspired.  Sometimes I just want to stay home and make art in my jammies!  The time will come though. 

I will be selling some of my work at Quilted Wings - a boutique held once a year at the organizer's home. She makes phenomenal things out of old quilts and vintage sewing items. She also invites other people to join her and this year she invited me! I've made some jewelry, collaged notebooks and journals, Christmas items, and have LOTS of ideas dancing in my head.

I'll be teaching a soldering class at Embellish in early September and possible a collage one later on in the month.  Hmmm... No wonder I don't get to stay home in my jammies and make art!

Here are some of the pages I completed in the Pam Carriker classes as well as the journals I collaged the covers of for Quilted Wings.

3x4 Notebooks

5x7 Journals

With One Palette

With One Palette

With One Palette

Journal 365

Journal 365

Journal 365

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Going On? (part 2)

Another part of the Wisconsin trip was spent with my Brett and Marina.  We spent a day in Shawano, fishing, doing "art projects" and making and eating s'mores.  We had a great time despite the mosquitoes.  The kids were pulling fish out of the lake one after another.  We made flag books together and played games.  Brett teased us about the number of brownies left and became known as "the brownie liar". 

The day after the wedding, the family returned to the cottage for the gift opening and a day of water fun.  I took a ride on a jet ski (my first!) with the bride and went water skiing for the first time in about 30 years!  I did well - despite the comments from all my younger (which they remind me of OFTEN) brothers.  I think I surprised them - no fancy stuff, but I wasn't even sore the next day!

We ended the trip with our traditional visit to Beerntsen's for ice cream Sundaes.  A good time was had by all - especially me!

PS - there are no pictures of me water skiing since my husband/photographer was busy taking a picture of a snake eating a frog!

What's Going On?

What have I been up to lately?

I recently returned from a visit to my family for a wedding. My niece, Jenny got married and I have to tell you - if you want to fun at your wedding she is the wedding planner you want! She got married at the family cottage on the beach in Door County. The wedding day was beautiful - blue skies, warm temps(a little humid for this desert rat), and no wind. The ceremony was perfect. The reception was held at a hotel in Green Bay and it was very fun. If you didn't enjoy yourself at this reception, then it was no one's fault but your own!
On the way from the cottage to the reception we stopped at the "Frosty Tip" for ice cream with my brother Mark's family. It was a tradition to stop there when we were kids to break up the "hour long" trip to the cottage! At the reception, which Jenny completely planned, there was a "Candy Bar", a photo booth (with all sorts of props that people could use to dress up), a great DJ, lots of dancing and just plain fun. When the groom (he's a mechanic), went to take off the garter, he used a "creeper" to roll under her dress (this was NOT Jenny's idea!). The DJ, even helped out and slipped some car parts for him to take out before the garter. It was a big hit. Probably the biggest surprise of all was the father/daughter dance. It started out as the traditional dance and they broke into a dance routine that had the whole crowd cheering and laughing. Very few people knew ahead of time that this was going to happen and it was the highlight of the evening. Jenny even choreographed that with her father via many phone calls, texts and e-mails since right now her father is working in California. They did an amazing job. Here are some photos from the wedding.
Jenny & Justin Sloniker

Jenny and my brother Dan
My mom and I

The Father/Daughter Dance