Thursday, November 19, 2009

Done with THAT Project

Well, my studio is finally cleaned up (sort of anyway). It was a little cleaner this morning before I started scrapping some pictures from Halloween and Mark's 40th birthday. OMG - my "baby brother" is 40! I picked up the pictures this morning and was inspired to get them done right away so they don't go the way of many other scrapbook projects. They aren't done yet by the way.

Now to the purpose of this post. I was able to finish 5 snowmen. I got so into them, I had to name them all. If I charged for my time, each of them would cost about $100 but since I know that isn't happening, I put a more reasonable price on them.

I also made some more pendants, paper and assorted Christmas decorations. Of course I had high hopes for at least twice as many things if not more, but as usual, the time element got in the way. I should have just kept going and started for next year!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!