Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Oh my gosh, after teaching for 27 years, I decided to teach some more, but something way different this time! I taught two classes last week at Embellish Boutique in Pinetop. After getting some great tips from Sally Jean Alexander at Art & Soul in February, and some more practice with soldering, I was ready to share my limited knowledge. The first class was using a glass bubble and a dictionary definition. We taped and soldered the outer edges and then added the jump rings, and some beading at the bottom - what fun!  Some people even went home wearing their creations!
On Saturday we made glass slide pendants with dimensional objects sandwiched between - a bit on the tricky side, but everyone did a great job.  Most people went home inspired and excited.  What a great group of women.  It was so nice to share the afternoon with them and see their creations.  The photos show a pendant that Trish's (the store owner) aunt made for her!  It has some of Trish's grandmothers jewelry as well as a picture of her grandmother in it.  What a nice surprise and a heartfelt gift for Trish!  I wish I had gotten a better photo of it and more photos of the other pieces.  Next time. . .

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